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Oracle RDB is a relational database management system (RDBMS) for the OpenVMS operating system.


RDB was originally created by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in 1984 as part of the VMS Information Architecture, intended to be used for data storage and retrieval by high-level languages and/or other DEC products such as DATATRIEVE, RALLY, and TEAMDATA.

In 1994 DEC sold the Rdb division to Oracle Corporation where it was rebranded Oracle RDB.

Some of the great RDB features that were incorporated into the Oracle Database:

  • Cost-based optimizer
  • Oracle Trace

Desupport dates[edit]

Exact dates needs to be confirmed from Metalink:

Oracle Rdb 7.0

  • General Availability: Oct 1996
  • Premier Support Ends: Aug 2007
  • Extended Support Ends: Aug 2009
  • Sustaining Support Ends: Indefinite

Oracle Rdb 7.1

  • General Availability: Jul 2001
  • Premier Support Ends: Dec 2007
  • Extended Support Ends: Dec 2010
  • Sustaining Support Ends: Indefinite

Oracle Rdb 7.2

  • General Availability: Jan 2006
  • Premier Support Ends: Jan 2011
  • Extended Support Ends: Jan 2014
  • Sustaining Support Ends: Indefinite

Future of RDB[edit]

Oracle has released a statement of direction in which they indicated that RDB features will be integrated into Oracle 9i and 10g through technology sharing.

See Oracle's Statement of Direction below.

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