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The Database Resource Manager (DRM) provides database resource management capability for the Oracle Database. The DRM is administered by the PL/SQL Package DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER while the necessary privileges are controlled by the DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER_PRIVS package. More easily the DRM can be managed via Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Note that whatever is the configuration you give, Resource Manager comes into play only if your server CPU is busy at 100% and there are processes waiting for it.


Element Description
Resource consumer group Groups user sessions together based on resource processing requirements.
Resource plan Assigns resources to resource consumer groups.
Resource allocation method Method/policy used by DRM to allocate a particular resource. Is used by resource consumer groups and resource plans.
Resource plan directive Used to assign particular resource plans to resource consumer groups and to further detail them.


DRM was first introduced with Oracle 8i (8.1.5) in February 1999.

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