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Steven Feuerstein is an expert on the Oracle database PL/SQL language, having written ten books on PL/SQL, and one book on mySQL, all from O'Reilly Media. His signature book Oracle PL/SQL Programming, by many considered as the "bible" for PL/SQL developers was published first in September 1993, covering 916 pages and has grown in its 5th edition, published 16 years later, to 1232 pages.

Steven has been developing software since 1980, spent five years with Oracle Corporation (1987-1992) and serves as PL/SQL evangelist for Quest Software, where he has been employed since January 2001. Since 2005 he has focused his attention on improving the testing of PL/SQL programs, first by starting the open-source framework utPLSQL for Unit Testing PL/SQL, later on through the creation of Quest Code Tester for Oracle, which automates PL/SQL code testing.


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