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OraFAQ Forum Guide

Welcome to the OraFAQ forums! Please read and follow these guidelines:

  1. SEARCH both this forum & GOOGLE BEFORE posting!
  2. Post in only one forum. Moderators may move a post to a more appropriate forum. Duplicate posts will be removed.
  3. Choose a topic title that clearly states the problem to be solved. A good title might be "ORA-1555 during pl/sql loop".
    Avoid vague, general, non-specific, titles like "Query", "export", "SQL", etc.
  4. Post your Oracle DB version to 4 decimal places (SELECT * FROM V$VERSION;).
  5. Post your Operating System (OS) name & version for your database (DB) server system.
  6. Write a clear explanation of the problem in proper English, with proper grammar and punctuation.
    Do not post in all capitals or use IM-speak like "U", "Ur", "U r", "Plz", "prb", "qry" or any acronym that is not well-known by the community.
    Include all relevant information such as SQL Client name & version and include OS name & version if different from DB Server.
  7. SHOW us using COPY & PASTE from SQL*Plus, the whole session, exactly what you did & how Oracle responded as in the example below.
    (If using a tool, such as SQL Developer, that doesn't display line numbers, identify precisely any lines that are flagged in error messages.)
    Make sure you post some effort of your own. We are not here to do your work or homework for you.
    SQL> set term on echo on
    SQL> @pp.sql
      2    STR VARCHAR2(4);
      3  BEGIN
      4    STR := 'FAILS';
      5  END;
      6  /
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small
    ORA-06512: at line 4
  8. Post FORMATTED and properly INDENTED code as demonstrated above.
  9. Post TESTED DDL (CREATE TABLE) for referenced tables & INSERT statements for test data to reproduce problem test case.
  10. Provide your expected result set and explain the rules/reasons that lead to it.
  11. Plain text file attachments are acceptable, while Excel, *.pdf or similar files are not.
  12. If you found an answer yourself, post it. That way we know the issue is resolved and we might learn from it.
  13. Pay attention to what you post as this is a public forum and everyone can see it. Confidential information will be masked upon request, but the whole topic won't be deleted for any reason.
  14. Commercial posts are admitted only in the Marketplace Forum. OraFAQ Forum policy is to accept only Oracle-related training and marketing adverts; the other ones might be removed.

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