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Data is not propagating from>> (by using streams) [message #235097] Fri, 04 May 2007 01:24
Suresh B
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As the data is not propagating directly from to thru streams,
we have configured streams in 2 phases and the first one is in between Oracle source database (A) to Oracle intermediate database (B). Second stream setup
is between Oracle intermediate database (B) to target Oracle
database (C) for the same tables. Data propagation is required from source database (A) to target database (C) through intermediate database (B). Data is propagating from source database (A) to
intermediate database (B). The same applied data is not propagating from
intermediate database (B) to the target database (C). But if we insert data in
the intermediate database (B), it is propagating to the target database (C).

The applied data is not getting captured on the intermediate database.

In our setup rule has been created to capture DML operation only. As the apply process on the intermediate database is not a DML operation,
capture process on the intermediate database is unable to capture the applied
data coming from the source database. It may be the reason for data propagation
failure from source to target through intermediate database.

I have sent the script used to create rule for your
condition => ' :dml.get_object_owner() = ''STG_OWNER'' AND ' ||
' :dml.get_command_type() in (''INSERT'',''UPDATE'') AND ' ||
' :dml.is_null_tag() = ''Y'' AND ' ||
' :dml.get_source_database_name() = ''INTER01U'' AND ' ||
' :dml.get_object_name () IN ( ' ||
' ''ACCRUAL'' ' ||
' , ''ADHOC_EBI_CHG'' ' ||
Can you suggest what sort of modification on capture process is required to capture the changes
happening through apply process. As we understand the changes that are applied
using apply process on a particular entity does not qualify as the DML
operation which is mentioned in the rule. Can you please look into the capture
script and suggest the modifications so that the capture process is able to
capture the streams apply operation on to a particular entity

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