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I am trying to set up OS level authentication for a *regular* user, but am not successful.

Logged in as system/manager to sqlplus:
>create user sdesai identified externally;
>grant CONNECT to sdesai;
>grant dba to sdesai;
>grant release to sdesai;

I have my

I shutdown and STARTUP OPEN.

I tried connecting via sqlplus, but when I entered the username and database, it prompted me for the password.

Is there some parameter that should be specified at db create time?
Are there any other ora files I need to modify?
What should I do?
Newbie. Please help.

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If you created the that user whithn oracle database, you can only connect to oracle with that user, unless you create the same user on the server as well, or are you trying to connect like this


johndoe/johndoe@instancename ?????
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Is "sdesai" your os user? I mean do you have a login in your OS (NT) called sdesai?

If yes then after you have logged into your OS as "sdesai" with NT password you can do as follows
from dos prompt
>sqlplus /
>sqlplus /@yourSID --if you have multiple databases
/ --after you run SQLPLUS utility enter the / in username edit control and click ok, you should be able to login as os user.

In case if you still have error make sure to give the domain name while creating the user
Make sure to include yourdomainnameusername in double quotes.

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to login with OS authentication, you need to start sqlplus as follows:

sqlplus /

the '/' relates to the non-OS authentication where you would login as

sqlplus username/password

Not using the '/ means that oracle will prompt for username and password and will not allow the OS authentication to function for you.

Have fun!
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I think you get the idea. It sounds like you set it up correctly, but you have a usage problem (and potentially a Oracle user vs OS user problem)

If you say Sqlplus myuser@SID, it assumes database authentication and asks you for a password, which means that you can not use OS authentication AND login is a user that is different from the one you are logged into the local system as.
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